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Educate Yourself on these 9 Cooking Terms, Techniques & Tools

  1. Coddling cooks ingredients like eggs or fruit slowly in near-boiling liquid. Try Coddled Eggs »
  2. Convection a style of cooking that uses hot circulating air, much like the now-popular air fryers. Generally, convection cooking takes 3/4 the time of standard cooking, and at 25 degrees lower temperature.  Try Convection Oven Fried Chicken »
  3. Folding carefully combines two mixtures of different thickness and weight into one, by using a spoon to lift the two mixtures together and turning them over so they combine. Try Warm Lemon Pudding Cakes »
  4. Immersion blenders are inserted into the container of liquid (like a pot of soup, for instance) and turned on. Use it in these 40 Recipes »
  5. Muddling crushes herbs, spices or fruits to release their flavor, often used in mixology. Try these Stick Drinks »
  6. Plumping is the process of letting food soak up liquid to restore moisture that has been removed by drying or dehydration. Plump Raisins for Baking »
  7. Reduction is the concentrated liquid after simmering until the water evaporates. Try the Orange Mango White Wine Reduction over Fish »
  8. Rendering is the process of cooking meats to obtain their fatty juices. Render Chicken Fat for Roasted Potatoes »
  9. Weeping is when unappetizing juices or liquids run out of a solid food, such as jellies, custards, and meringues. Bake a Weep-Free Lemon Meringue Pie »


Sources: The Spruce Eats, Sage Restaurant

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