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Ellen Hosafros Ellen Hosafros. Word Hoarder. Retired.
Lifelong poetic justice license-holder. Unapologetic cat lover. A former newspaper editor and co-founder of HealthDiscovery.org, Ellen was the Director of Corporate Communications for national employee benefits broker Corporate Synergies before retiring in 2020. She developed corporate messaging, oversaw media relations, and wrote and edited articles for the company’s blog, corpsyn.com.

Ellen says: “Surround yourself with people who applaud your weirdness.”


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Dina Beck. Social Deputy. Award Winner.
Helicopter mom of a teen. Promoter of all things just. Family enthusiast. Dina co-founded HealthDiscovery.org and has dedicated her career to educating audiences for over 15 years in healthcare, financial services, wholesale and retail. A retired foster parent, she supports clean, farm-fresh eating and holistic therapies. Dina’s team is responsible for constructive educational events and effective digital & print communications in her role as Director of Marketing at Corporate Synergies, a national employee benefits specialist.

Dina says: “Self-advocacy: know yourself, take control & actualize!”


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Keiren O’Donnell Dunfee.
World traveler, community activist, wife, mom and design professional. Keiren O’Donnell Dunfee, Senior Graphic Designer for national employee benefits broker Corporate Synergies, is an accomplished artist with a flair for turning ordinary projects into artistic endeavors that have won national awards. 

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Stephanie Eisele. Crafter of Winning Visuals.
Supermom of 2 + 2. Transformer of ideas into concepts. Stephanie is a creative and multi-talented graphic designer and former art director, specializing in client communications, advertising and packaging concepts. After serving as sorority president while juggling a double major in Fine Art and Graphic Design, she began her design career over 20 years ago. Stephanie carries an artist’s heart, painting and drawing, when she isn’t relaxing with her family.  

Stephanie says: “Seek the noblest.”


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Heather Gartside. Organizing Queen + Detail Hawk.
Heather is an organizing queen, a detail hawk and an accomplished event planner within the social and corporate world. Health and wellness being top priorities in her eyes. 

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Alina Fabozzi. The Great Graphics Guru.

Quick-witted quipster. Old Americana photographer. Animal lover. Alina is a trendsetting multimedia designer of 10 years, specializing in video, web and digital design. A freak for fermentation and a lover of landscape, she is an aesthetic, but stable genius.


Alina says: “Are you gonna finish that?”


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