June 2022

It can be difficult to achieve or maintain emotional well-being alone. Answering “yes” to a few of these 10 questions could indicate that emotional wellness help from a professional would be beneficial.
From self-awareness to self-acceptance to living with purpose, emotional well-being has many dimensions. Learning how and why we react to certain situations and reviewing our own internal thinking can have a positive impact on our mental and physical well-being. Learning about and practicing emotional awareness is a good way to get started.
Take a journey to explore yourself: Self-Awareness, self-acceptance, self-care and more are all essential dimensions of emotional well-being. Consider how and why certain situations prompt feelings to develop greater resilience.
Kale is the stereotypical health food, but there’s good reason and plenty of support for that. Leafy greens, along with the variety of other vegetables and nuts in the salad, are part of a diet consistently associated with lower rates of depression, anxiety and other mental health concerns.
Many employers offer employee assistance programs (EAPs) that can help support employees and connect them with important resources when facing a crisis.