About Our Guest Bloggers

Brian Feeley Brian Feeley, Senior Vice President, Corporate Synergies

Brian’s mission is to educate and entertain audiences on employee benefits, health & wellness, and other related topics.
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Nicole Mitchell | HealthDiscovery.org Nicole Mitchell, Associate Director, Payroll & Benefits, Corporate Synergies

Nicole loves family dance parties, is an amateur donut aficionado, and has a strong sense of wanderlust. Read Nicole’s articles →

Gerry Maggio Gerard Maggio, Business Development Representative, Corporate Synergies

Gerry is a health benefits and risk consultant, engaging corporate leadership in meeting the challenges in employee healthcare. He is a naturalist with a keen interest in holistic health and plant based medicine.
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Heather Gartside Heather Gartside, Marketing & Events Coordinator, Corporate Synergies

Heather is an organizing queen, a detail hawk, and an accomplished event planner within the social and corporate world.
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Stephen Horvat Stephen Horvat, Vice President, Senior Benefits Consultant, Corporate Synergies

Steve Horvat designs and implements value-based benefit programs that mitigate risk for national employee benefits broker Corporate Synergies.
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Eric Brewer Eric Brewer, Senior Benefits Consultant, Corporate Synergies

Eric is an accomplished healthcare professional with a strong background in technology, employee benefits and the Affordable Care Act.
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jon goldberg Jon Goldberg, Associate Director, Digitas Health

Jon works at Digitas Health LifeBrands, a multi-national digital advertising agency where he serves as Manager of Data and Analytics. Jon is a former research assistant of Corporate Synergies.
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Jennifer Wilson Jennifer Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, ARMSRx

Jennifer manages a seasoned team of professionals for her company, ARMSRx, that keeps on top of cutting-edge industry changes and solutions to ensure clients are in tune with how to implement worthy cost savings and pharmacy management options.
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