LUNCH BOX RECIPES: 10 Back-to-School Go-to’s

It’s that time again… new schedules, crazy commutes and making lunches for the kids. Lunches don’t have to be a sandwich and a snack; mix it up for an assortment of lunchtime fun! Below are 10 easy go-to lunch and snack ideas:

  1. Eggs: Boil a batch on Sunday for a quick grab and go! Send them with the shell on, sliced in a sandwich with mayo or spread avocado, peeled and quartered, or make a quick egg salad.
  2. Cheese & Meat: Cheese and pepperoni or summer sausage can be found cubed, sliced or even sticked these days. And what’s best is they feel like a snack, rather than a meal for your picky eaters. Many companies offer pre-packaged snack packs now, alone or with a nut blend energy punch.
  3. Nuts: There are so many varieties now with nut blends and trail mixes. Try a few from the bulk aisle to see what resonates best with your kids. We like the ones including chocolate pieces for added sweetness!
  4. Bars: A great non-perishable snack is granola, fiber or energy bars. Even try meal-replacement bars packed with protein!
  5. Yogurt: Besides the individual cups there are now drinkable yogurts and kefirs that will make your kids’ bellies happy and full!
  6. Popcorn: Choices are endless here with plain, buttered, caramel, kettle…. Try making a batch at home and, once cooled, store in individual sized baggies to include the whole week long. This article by The Food Network has some of my favorites!
  7. Pudding: Buy them in snack-sizes or make your own at home. So many flavors to keep it interesting!
  8. Muffins: Homemade for the week or store-bought, muffins are a great way to work in fruit (blueberries), whole grains (oatmeal) and fiber-rich seeds (poppy). Udi’s offers frozen, gluten-free varieties too!
  9. Fruit: Well this is a no-brainer… cut or whole fruit are easy to keep on hand and provide vitamins (like citrus), fiber (like tree-grown bitables) and antioxidants (like berries) for the day.
  10. Leftovers: Don’t underestimate this obvious choice! Make enough to last another meal for the whole family to enjoy again later in the week.
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Warm, Comforting Chicken Soup