School lunch recipes
With all the flavor of your favorite spicy sauce, these bowls of vegan buffalo chickpeas are an easy way to bring plant-based protein into your diet. Quick enough for a weeknight dinner, they’re also a vibrant lunch to wake up the afternoon or a snack bold enough for sports or competitive cooking shows.
The pumpkin and applesauce in this pumpkin flax quickbread recipe provide extra fiber and moisture and eliminate the need to add oil. The flax also brings fiber along with anti-inflammatory and other healthful properties. As a quickbread, it all comes together, well, quickly without yeast or needing time to rise.
Calcium is one of the most important nutrients for healthy teeth, and dairy is one of the best natural sources. Skim milk and reduced fat cheese retain all the important calcium with less fat. These mac and cheese cups are easy to prepare and should be a dinner or lunch time hit.
People living with HIV need to be mindful of vitamin deficiencies, particularly vitamin D. That’s where these parmesan and garlic breakfast mushrooms come in. A good source of vitamin D, mushrooms make it easy and tasty to fortify your diet. In this recipe, roasted mushrooms hold gently baked eggs like an inside-out omelet.
An important part of a diabetes meal plan is balancing the carbohydrates starch and sugar. These should only be eaten in moderation to help manage blood sugar spikes. But that doesn’t mean meals can’t be delicious and easy to prepare. These resources will help ensure proper proportions without too much work.
From anchovies to yogurt and beets to barley, plenty of common and delicious ingredients can be used to support lung health. Even if some like swiss chard or red cabbage may be a little unfamiliar, we have recipes to try as you incorporate these foods into your diet. Don’t worry, coffee and cocoa made the list too.
Using ground chicken for these chicken burgers means less fat and calories than beef. The homemade aioli is tastier and healthier than processed mayonnaise. The herbs and sun-dried tomatoes provide a big flavor boost. Once seared and topped with greens and bun, little sets these apart from your traditional hamburger.
Kale is the stereotypical health food, but there’s good reason and plenty of support for that. Leafy greens, along with the variety of other vegetables and nuts in the salad, are part of a diet consistently associated with lower rates of depression, anxiety and other mental health concerns.
Salt is more than just the table shaker full of identical white crystals. Consumers can choose from a many different types of salt, varying in cost, nutrients, taste, form and texture depending on where they come from and how they are produced. Try them out!
Stress can cause overindulgence of all kinds and while that may feel good in the moment, poor diet and nutrition can cause long-term stress and mood issues. When feeling stressed, reach for something nutritious and protein-packed like this everything egg avocado yogurt bowl instead. It’s quick to come together and filling.