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Easy Recipes for Low-Energy Days: 10+ Ideas to Stimulate Your Buds

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Down with COVID? The flu? A stomach bug? When we’re sick we just don’t feel like cooking, yet eating complete, healthy meals is important in keeping our immune systems strong. Here are some easy recipes when you’re just not in the mood:

Breakfast Bests

  1. Avocado and boiled egg on toast.
    When you have more energy, try:    Everything Egg Avocado Yogurt Bowl
  2. Cereal with milk and fruit.
  3. Fruit smoothie with milk, yogurt and oats.
    When you have more energy, try:   Blueberry and Spinach Smoothie
  4. Bread with peanut butter and banana.
  5. Omelet or scrambled eggs with toast.
    When you have more energy, try:   Breakfast Tostada with Avocado and Eggs
  6. Fruit with yogurt.

Lunch/Dinner Must-Do’s

  1. Pasta with tuna/chicken, tomato, pesto and cheese.
    When you have more energy, try:   Broccoli Strawberry Orzo Salad
  2. Sweet potato with yogurt and spices.
  3. SOUP – the more veggies the better.
    When you have more energy, try:   70+ Triple-Threat Soups for Health, Budget & Comfort
  4. Quesadillas/toasted wrap with canned black beans, corn, cheese, and capsicum.


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