September 2022

From sound waves to x-rays to electrical signals, these heart health tests use different methods to see inside your chest. Your doctor will determine which is best for your condition.
The scariest part about heart conditions is their silence. Echocardiograms, EKGs, angiograms and more all test the health of your heart. How much do you know?
Heart disease often lurks in the background unnoticed until a heart attack. A safe and quick coronary calcium scan can help identify your risk.
Using ground chicken for these chicken burgers means less fat and calories than beef. The homemade aioli is tastier and healthier than processed mayonnaise. The herbs and sun-dried tomatoes provide a big flavor boost. Once seared and topped with greens and bun, little sets these apart from your traditional hamburger.
As with any major purchase, comparison shopping can help you find and choose the most cost-effective option, even with health care.