March 2022

People are increasingly moving to an HDHP, or high-deductible health plan, with a health savings account (HSA) as a better way to maximize their healthcare dollars.
Even with insurance, medication can be expensive. Without insurance, many are at risk of foregoing important medicine all together. Don’t skip doses; Find ways to pay less for prescriptions instead.
Prescription medication types can be confusing, especially when it seems like there are different names for the same thing. Do you know the differences between four prescription medication types?
Just as effective as brand-name medications and often significantly cheaper, generic medication could be an overlooked strategy to reduce healthcare costs.
Herbal medicine, or supplements, have been used for millennia to treat a variety of health conditions. They can be swallowed as pills or powders or brewed as tea. However, the FDA considers herbal supplements foods, not drugs, so they are not subject to regulation. Talk to your doctor about your symptoms and management of medical conditions.