Infectious Disease

Infectious Disease |
Once a misunderstood and untreatable disease, people living with HIV now have many effective treatment options. However, testing and preventive measures are still the first line of defense.
HIV prevention, known as prophylaxis, can protect those who don’t have HIV but are at risk of getting it. This infographic outlines two types of this medicine, PrEP and PEP.
HIV prevention, testing and treatments can allow for long and healthy lives. How much have you learned about this once frightening epidemic?
Despite all we’ve learned, many COVID-19 questions remain. These answers are more important with new variants and winter surges expected.
It can be difficult to tell respiratory illnesses apart based on their symptoms. Many viruses like COVID-19 or flu share a lot of the same symptoms. Use this chart for help.
There can be a lot of noise and misleading information around the pandemic and the coronavirus. We’re gaining more COVID-19 knowledge each day, but it can be hard to keep up with new developments. This quiz highlights a few of the key points to understand. See how much you know about this virus.
If you participate in a health plan, your free COVID-19 tests will be paid for directly by insurance, or you will be reimbursed later for the cost.
Keeping these 5 COVID-19 safety tools within arm’s reach can save your hands from germy surfaces.
The recent coronavirus pandemic has led to the latest fashion trend – but how do you choose which mask to model?
Amid the continuing spread of COVID-19, a wellness blogger wonders why some people still resist wearing a face mask.
Sheltering at home from COVID-19 can lead to the dreaded Quarantine 15. Read our 4 ways to avoid weight gain.