Women’s Health

Most inherited cases of breast cancer are associated with mutations in two genes: BRCA1 (Breast Cancer gene one) and BRCA2 (Breast Cancer gene two).
With her first mammogram being a lesson in compression, new technologies promise to beam up mammographies.
Painful periods that are severe and lasting may be a sign of an underlying condition like endometriosis, fibroids or pelvis inflammatory disease. Talk to your doctor if you have concerns.
Conditions that affect the female reproductive system like endometriosis, fibroids and adenomyosis can have similar symptoms. This can make diagnosis difficult. Do you know what those symptoms are? What age group is most commonly diagnosed with endometriosis? Learn about these and other issues impacting female health in this quiz.
Painful periods is one common symptom of endometriosis, but this condition is more than normal cramping. The pain of endometriosis can be debilitating and can lead to fertility problems.
The pumpkin and applesauce in this pumpkin flax quickbread recipe provide extra fiber and moisture and eliminate the need to add oil. The flax also brings fiber along with anti-inflammatory and other healthful properties. As a quickbread, it all comes together, well, quickly without yeast or needing time to rise.
Breast cancer in young women poses unique challenges in screening.