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Kevin O’Donnell didn’t let the devastating diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) impede his activism. Here is his courageous story.
ALS is a progressive disease with no known cure. We have put together the latest statistics on ALS to show the impact this disease has had.
How much do you know about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis?
Migraines are not just bad headaches. While unpleasant, headaches do not affect your ability to go about your daily routine. Migraines however, have a direct impact on brain health.
Migraines can affect people of any gender, sex or ethnicity. However, women are three times more likely to suffer than men. So how much do you know about migraines?
These Parkinson’s exercises consider four areas of aerobics, strength, balance and stretching. Safely doing these exercises in each area can help improve many symptoms for those living with Parkinson’s disease.
We’ve found many misconceptions about Parkinson’s disease and clear up a few here. See how much you know…
From movement to speaking to handwriting, the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease can affect many aspects of the body and daily life.
With all the flavor of your favorite spicy sauce, these bowls of vegan buffalo chickpeas are an easy way to bring plant-based protein into your diet. Quick enough for a weeknight dinner, they’re also a vibrant lunch to wake up the afternoon or a snack bold enough for sports or competitive cooking shows.
Major depression is a serious medical illness that affects millions of Americans. A screening can help identify depression before it becomes worse.