Financial Wellness

Generous Charitable Giving Can Be Part of Your Financial Strategy With 2021 Tax Deductions |
While it’s difficult to control all the factors that contribute to rising healthcare costs, smart benefits use and comparison shopping can help stretch your healthcare dollars.
If you are a full-time employee and/or enrolled in employer’s health plan, you’ll likely receive tax form 1095-B, 1095-C or both. they provide key information about your health coverage.
Remember to use your flexible spending account dollars before year’s end, or you will have to forfeit most or all of those funds.
Making changes to your lifestyle can help prevent or lessen the severity of health issues, which may result in fewer health expenses and improved well-being.
Even with insurance, medication can be expensive. Without insurance, many are at risk of foregoing important medicine all together. Don’t skip doses; Find ways to pay less for prescriptions instead.
Just as effective as brand-name medications and often significantly cheaper, generic medication could be an overlooked strategy to reduce healthcare costs.
Financial stress can impact your physical and mental health. This makes financial wellness an important part of overall well-being. The first step? Track where your money is going.
Wondering how your credit score is calculated? Companies consider data from five main categories, though they aren’t all weighted equally. Find out which factors are the most influential.
These cola-marinated pork chops have a long-cooked flavor, but can be prepared quickly for a weeknight dinner. The barbeque sauce balances the sweetness of the cola and the sugars caramelize nicely under the broiler. All this flavor comes at a low cost using a few cheap ingredients already in the kitchen.